Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Front cover
Back cover
WAM! BAM! A NEW DVD from yours truly! FREAKISH DELIGHTS is my latest cartoon collection. Freakish Delights collects all of the cartoons that Freakdaddy has appeared in (including the new "Freakdaddy Redemption"). It also includes "Day of the Unicorn", for the first time ever on DVD. That is the "John Henry Unicorn" (included) dark sequel, a mini epic! You also get the "Moonwalk" music video I did for Kounterclockwise. But wait...there's more...if that weren't already get the FULL 18 minute "Legend of Bobby Churro" movie (not available on YouTube!) Oh man! Now you really want one, huh? 10 hilarious cartoons to roll around in!!

....For only 12 Bucks!! Sent to your door!! What a Freakish Delight!!