Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EPISODE 15: Sweet Reunion!

So we missed August....but you're STILL back for more. We love you too. Were talking a little about Jim's new cartoon DVD, Raul's animation seminar, Kevin's 1985 cartoon and zine, and other things we've been up to since we last recorded an episode.


  1. Hey you guys, I just started listening to your podcast this week and love it! I am teaching myself flash animation (and also using photoshop and illustrator for a lot of stuff). You should check out the animation of Sally Cruikshank. You probably grew up watching her animations on Sesame Street and she did stuff for the oingo boingo movie (the name escapes me at the moment) and Quasi at the Quakadero. Anyways, her animations inspired me to learn how to animate and I think she fits the ghettomation manifesto. Who knows, you might be able to interview her too.

  2. oh i just realized she worked on the twilight zone, not the forbidden zone, but danny elfman wrote music for one of her shorts (so i think that's how i got that confused).