Friday, August 28, 2009

The Seven Sweet Sciences of Ghettomation

Here they are, Seven Sweet Sciences of Ghettomation in all of their glory. These are by no means RULES, just a manifesto of creative guidelines we'd like to share:

1) KEEP THE FLOW: Most important of all...keep your original energy and excitement and CAPTURE it in your work. People can feel the vibe you give off in your films. Go with it. Run with it....HAVE FUN CREATING!

2) CONTENT IS KING:Remember, the CONCEPTS and CONTENT win the audience, not just fancy animation. Ghettomation believes that STYLE goes hand in hand with SUBSTANCE. Abuse neither, but use both!

3) ACTING: Use your art to make the viewer think there is more movement than there really is. Make your characters ACT through dynamic poses, body language, and facial expressions. You'll save time, trouble, and energy by making your characters ACT when drawing.

4) ECONOMIZE: Save your energy for creating. Why do a lot when a little serves the audience just as well. Enjoy the process, but don't kill yourself on the technical aspects. Cheating is fine in Ghettomation.

5) AUDIO-Your ambient sound,music, and sound effects not only COLOR your animation, but build the world your characters live in. The audience is captured with your sound. Thats a basic pilar to build on.

6) RESOURCEFULNESS: Think on the fly. Pull from whatever resources and influences you can to tell a great story and make a cool movie. It doesn't matter HOW you get there, just GET there.

7) SWAGGER: It is what it is. Don't fret about what you DONT have. Celebrate what you DO have. Be confident and have fun with it!

Remeber, we mean Ghetto in the sense of comparing our methods to the huge corporations. We also mean Ghetto in the sense of UNDERGROUND. Were proud that our content is our own unfiltered visions. We create as true artists and we believe WHATEVER WORKS is the right method for us all!



  1. I've been gleaning the approach from a distance from Jim, and now Kevin. It is clean, it is true, and will serve the final artistic animation goal, which is to show the soul of your inspiration in all its sound/motion glory (now I'm getting soap-boxy).
    This is where "A picture paints a thousand words" meets and carries the motion of life in animation. Check the "7 Sciences" .. they make sense. (now I sound preachy)
    OK.. enough of that.
    Great job you guys... the show is about to start!

  2. I think that Jim's Lujan's approach to animation (minimilist) is what seperates "making movies" from "being an animator". You can spend spend years drawing inbetweens (how tedious) or skip all that and just "make a good movie". Jim knows how to make a good animated movie. Good luck with the show! It will rock!